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2016 Holiday Buying Guide: Top 10 Games and Accessories

‘’Tis the season, as they say, so without delay, here are my top 10 games and accessories for that special gamer in your life. 10) 4K LED TV - Look for fast refresh rates... — Updated 12/2/2016


Dungeon Crawling on the iPad: Butt Kicking for Goodness

Some games are designed for and play well on your phone, and some games really shine on a tablet´s larger screen. For the past few months I have tinkered with some of this year´s... — Updated 11/4/2016


Have You Completed Your "Hour of Code"?

Computer Science is slowly making its way to the masses, and is no longer a domain reserved for nerds with thick-rimmed glasses taped in the middle. The core of computer science is... — Updated 10/2/2016


Pokémon GO: Mediocre Game, Cultural Phenomenon

EVERYWHERE I go it seems that people are playing Pokémon GO. In terms of the gameplay itself, it is shallow, unpolished, and buggy, and I have maintained from the beginning that... — Updated 9/1/2016


The Oculus Rift: Immersive Virtual Reality First Impressions

Virtual Reality currently stands poised to dramatically change the way humans interact. One of the most anticipated technologies in the current lineup of VR devices is the Oculus... — Updated 9/1/2016


Phoning It In

This month I would like to talk about gaming on Smartphones. In particular, I will be referring to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which I have been playing for the last month on my... — Updated 5/2/2016


Betrayal at House on the Hill

Crack! The bolt of lightning struck the giant oak dead center, and the decades old branch that extended over the road fell with a hard slam across the hood of the church van. The... — Updated 4/2/2016


Drawful: A Great Couch Co-Op Game

Drawful is a fun and entertaining game for 3 to 8 players, where players use their mobile devices as controllers. The concept is simple, as each player is given a phrase to draw on... — Updated 1/7/2016


SUNY Potsdam Edges Clarkson University in Super Smash Brothers Tournament Final

The SUNY Potsdam Video Gaming Club (PVGC) hosted the championship round of the Super Smash Brothers tournament on Friday, November 20th in the Student Union multipurpose room. The... — Updated 12/14/2015


Kahoot! - An Elegant Do-It-Yourself Trivia & Quiz Creation Tool

This month I'd like to introduce you to free tool that you can use to make your own quiz shows and trivia games. Kahoot! was originally developed as an Educational Technology tool... — Updated 11/2/2015


Bring Back the Boys:

Dr. Alison Carr-Chellman will be visiting SUNY Potsdam as part of the Bregman Digital Humanities speaker series. She will be giving a one-hour presentation on boys, games, and... — Updated 11/2/2015


The Games, Learning, and Society Conference Meets SUNY Potsdam's "Cricket-in-a-Box"

This past summer I had the honor and privilege of attending and presenting at the 11th annual Games, Learning, and Society (GLS) conference at the University of WIsconsin in... — Updated 8/30/2015


Through STEM Education Our Future is Bright

I was reminded recently that when I was growing up my mother would routinely push me and my brothers out the back door and state simply “go play.” We knew to come back for... — Updated 8/2/2015


(My) FIFA Ultimate Team: Three Decades in the Making

It's been five years since I reviewed a FIFA game, and it is time to bring you up to speed with what has been my most played game since: FIFA 15, specifically FIFA Ultimate Team.... — Updated 7/2/2015


The King Of Tokyo

Sometimes you find a good game, and sometimes a good game finds you. This was the case for me with The King of Tokyo, Richard Garfield’s 2011 board game (Garfield is also the... — Updated 4/29/2015


A Game of Thrones, Choices,Choices, Choices

Whereas television and movies typically are linear, games, by their very nature, necessarily deal with choice. In this case, Telltale games has embarked on a six episode series set... — Updated 2/12/2015


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