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By Garret K. Woodward
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Cultivating Your Destiny - Lowell Wurster of Lucid


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The key to success is patience, persistence and progress.

In terms of musical aspirations, those three things constitute how to navigate the long and arduous road to finding stability and artistic fulfillment. It is a journey littered with other acts that either gave up when the going got tough or simply walked away just when things were about to hit their stride.

For the North Country, there is simply no harder working band out there than LUCID, a Plattsburgh-based sextet that fuses rock, reggae, hip-hop and world music into a kaleidoscope of embracing sound and pure intent. Pushing into their 12th year together, the group's latest release, "Dirt," is quite possibly their finest album to date. It ideally represents the ensemble's mission as renegades of the open road, whose day-in-day-out work ethic, onstage and off, epitomizes what the cost and reward is when pursuing your passions and dreams with a reckless abandon, with a battle cry that echoes "no rest for the weary, for when you sit, you sit on the sidelines of your destiny."

In past records, there was a sense within LUCID to prove a point, where they wanted you to know what they were capable of, to hear exactly how varied, intricate and powerful their sound is. With "Dirt," there is an immediate sense of maturity in The Band. You let the album unfold and are brought along for the ride, where a "take it or leave it" attitude permeates throughout. Melodies seamlessly weave through meticulous jazzy interludes, haunting Spanish ballads, beach bum reggae and cosmic prog-rock odysseys. That attitude isn't meant to alienate the listener, though. Rather it expands on their evolving image, an organic, moving target that incorporates the three most vital components to living a fulfilling life - community, camaraderie and creativity.

Garret K. Woodward: What can listeners expect with "Dirt"?

Lowell Wurster: Half these songs are older tunes, the other half are newer tunes. As is a LUCID show, this album has lots of ups and downs, some hilarious and interesting interludes, and provides the listener with more then just music. Recording the album ourselves provides us with some opportunities that usually don't come if you are renting a studio. It allows us to take our time, get things right and not be rushed. With a live LUCID show, you never know what to expect, different feels, different energies, different genres, but all good music.

GKW: How has this last year affected your creativity and artistic purpose?

LW: I don't usually say this about many things in my life, but as for The Band, it seems everything has happened for a reason. This is where we are supposed to be. As for creativity, it just flows, whether things are good or bad. I don't look at it as artistic purpose really, this is just our life, we are doing what we have been put here to do. What other choice do we have? Work at a job we hate, making money for someone else? Hell no.

GKW: I feel like "Dirt" is the most honest and clearest representation of what LUCID is as a band, as a band of brothers, as a band of North Country boys.

LW: This is our favorite album, as our next will then also be our favorite. What that says to me is we're happy with what we are creating. We're happy with our message. We continue to grow, write and create. We're already planning our next album. We want to be in a constant state of playing live shows and recording new albums and that's what we are doing. We love the North Country, that's why we still live here. Traveling around playing our mountain music for folks all over the place is what we want to do and we are blessed to be able to do it. We are even more blessed that we have people who want to hear what we have to say - it's all love.


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