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Blue Coupe

If you believe Ogdensburg is a city of past triumphs and events, please reconsider. What was once a booming industrial metropolis many decades ago is finally experiencing a unique and noteworthy cultural renaissance. Thanks in part to a very determined group of entrepreneurs, artists and musicians, all dedicated to presenting creative venues to strengthen community and commerce in the North Country, Ogdensburg is becoming a bonafide place of destination once again.

A good example of their latest glistening draw is the city's annual Mood Fest (Music on the Oswegatchie Delta with sensational North Country band such as Waydown Wailers and National high energy Blues musician Chaz DePaolo, Mood Fest will present on July 18th rock legends Blue Coupe.

The angry orphans of Blue Öyster Cult and the Alice Cooper group, Blue Coupe is an iconic tribe of rock stars. Showcasing Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway alongside Blue Öyster Cult's multi-instrumentalist Joe Bouchard and his brother, extraordinary drummer/percussionist Albert Bouchard, Blue Coupe is a musical tour de force. With classics such as "School's Out," "Under My Wheels" and "Astronomy" (covered by Metallica) Joe, Albert and Dennis have sold over 15 million albums and have been awarded over 30 gold and platinum records worldwide.

Throughout the 70s, Blue Öyster Cult opened shows for theatrical shock rockers the Alice Cooper group on a record-breaking tour that included venues from outdoor festivals to sold-out arenas eventually gracing the cover of Forbes magazine as the highest grossing tour of the year. As Alice Cooper became world famous with hits such as "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "Elected," Blue Öyster Cult continued with their own sold-out tours rocking hits such as "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" and "Burnin' For You." All these amazing musical accomplishments have served these superstars of Blue Coupe very well indeed.

"Blue Öyster Cult was playing a stadium in Cleveland," recalls BOC drummer Albert Bouchard, "And the gig was dubbed the "World Series of Rock." Right? Huge. It was enormous, staged in this mammoth arena and we were on the bill with Rod Stewart and Aerosmith, etc., great, wonderful. And Steven Tyler and I are hanging out during the day. He's a multi-instrumentalist and just loves the drums. So we're talking drums, and he's playing and I'm playing. Actually, we got to know each other from when Aerosmith opened for us on our first tour. It was just one of those great periods. So anyway, that night, I'm onstage in this giant stadium, its packed and I'm playing and I look up in the balcony, and way up there in the clouds was some spec of a person in the third row dancing away, you know, just grooving to the beat. They're just bopping away, me and this tiny ant of a person, we're just connected by the music and I never wanted it to stop. I wanted to play forever. I wanted it to never end so that person and I could go on incessantly. Because I knew if I stopped, he'd stop and that would be the end of it. That would be the end of that precious moment that we shared. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. Honestly. One of the greatest."

Blue Coupe has certainly learned from their past triumphs as evident with their highly acclaimed release "Tornado on the Tracks," a multiple Grammy-nominated album featuring Robby Krieger (legendary guitarist for The Doors) on the hit single "Angel's Well." Blue Coupe's second album, Million Miles More, features special guest stars Alice Cooper, Tish and Snooky from Manic Panic, Ross the Boss from Manowar and the Dictators, Buck Dharma from Blue Öyster Cult and Goldy McJohn from Steppenwolf. Their latest single "Hallow's Grave," which features steamy vocals by rock veteran Alice Cooper, has recently been submitted for Grammy consideration.

"We needed a name," explains Albert, concerning the group's tag, "Dennis was doing a gig and needed a drummer so I volunteered and then my brother Joe climbed onstage and we rocked the house. Anyway, it seemed a good combo so we were booked as a trio by popular demand and that, too, was a great success. Then we were opening for Alice Cooper and it was time for a name so it was kind of a pun really, "Blue," for our Blue Öyster Cult glory days and "Coupe" for Dennis and his Alice Cooper days. So it was Blue Coupe thereafter and it was a perfect way to pay tribute to the past, present, and future with a bit of a wink."

Chaz DePaolo

Their presence at the third annual Mood Fest is certainly cause for celebration. The stage show, which assembles a wall of sound guaranteed to make Rock 'n Roll waves across the Oswegatchie Delta, has to be experienced to be believed. This promises to be a big concert sound experience mixed with the great outdoors of the North Country. Already being hailed as a "must see and hear to be believed" experience, Blue Coupe headlining Mood Fest is another example of the vastly changing times here in the resurgent city of Ogdensburg, New York.

Mood Fest plays I8th of July. For more information please visit:


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