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By Dawn Fontaine
F.X. Caprara Harley-Davidson 

Top 10 Reasons Why Riding A Bike Is Better Than A Car


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FX Caprara Harley - Davidson

10. – Saving $$ at the pump: Bikers can usually fill-up for $10 or less – and that's with high octane!!

9. – Easy Parking: Most businesses and stores have motorcycle only parking close to the door.

8. – Easy Commute: Most states allow motorcycles to travel in the commuter lane, which gets you out of traffic.

7. – Low Environmental Impact: Motorcycles are an efficient means of travel that have a minimal impact on our environment.

6. – More 'Bang' For Your Buck: $17,000 for a V-Rod® Muscle® with 125HP right out of the box. Motorcycles are bargains that offer more performance per dollar than any other vehicle.

5. – Camaraderie: You may have seen a biker do "the wave" as they pass a fellow motorcyclist – that's because bikers feel part of a big community. We share the same passion for 'Life on 2 Wheels,' and that sets us apart.

FX Caprara Harley - Davidson

4. – Individuality: Even though motorcyclists are part of a big community, we tend to have more individual style. Whether we show it in our clothes, bikes or both, through motorcycling we're able to better reveal our personalities.

3. – Adventure Awaits: What better way to escape the 'everyday' than on a motorcycle? On two wheels the adventure starts when you begin your journey, rather than after you arrive at your destination!

2. – Bikes are Cool: Let's face it – a biker in black leather exudes a sense of confidence that comes with handling a high performance machine. Even if you're not looking to be the "bad-ass biker," motorcycles get you closer to being cool.

And the Number One Reason: When you're riding a motorcycle, you're in contact with it all!! When you're in a car, it's like you're watching a movie – when you're on your bike it's like you're the star of the movie!!


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