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Just In Time For Halloween!


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There is only one St. John's Conservatory theater in all of the North Country. Of course there are other wonderful not-for-profit theater companies that produce a variety of plays such as dramas, comedies, and musicals but seldom does a small theater present all original musical comedies, one right after the other. Each show consisting of a dozen or so original songs with lyrics, all arranged and orchestrated to compliment a script bursting with memorable characters based on popular literature and folklore performed in front of a live audience for the very first time. Rapid succession world premieres are not a normal occurrence. Yet St. John's Conservatory Theater does just that. They present an entirely new and original show completely costumed, propped and staged with extraordinary orchestrations, pre-taped in a studio, which the actors then sing along with karaoke-style to great avail. Outstanding to see and hear.

Having experienced all four productions including ALICE ISN'T ALL THERE, A KREEPY Christmas Carol, THE NEW VARIETY SHOW, and ORCHARD OF HIDE & SEEK, and I must say there is a heck of a lot of talent in this neck of the woods: actors, singers, jugglers, arrangers, orchestrators, dancers, gymnasts, set and prop designers, lighting designers, costuming and makeup people, and that's just the half of it, I'm sure. Now the multi-talented JCT team is presenting their take on the Washington Irving classic THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW. You know the story, the one with the headless horseman and the nerdy Ichabod Crane? Well this story is adapted to the stage in another (that's right) full-scale musical comedy just in time for Halloween! But they've switched things around a bit so it's the same story but different attitude and renamed it, after the playwright, KREEPY HALLOW.

So KREEPY HALLOW is a family-friendly musical comedy featuring an original book, music and lyrics by award-winning playwright and composer Brazillia R. Kreep. Set in the 1840's when the first appointed female teacher, Miss Ichaboda Krane, takes over the ghostly schoolroom built on-top of a sacred Native American burial ground. With a classroom filled with eclectic children, her "eye" on Bartholomeus Van Tassel, a few unexpected guests, and a jealous local woman Electra Van Brunt watching her every move, Miss Ichaboda Krane's Halloween celebration turns into a most haunting affair. Narrated by Brazillia R. Kreep himself, "KREEPY HALLOW" tells the tale of Ichaboda Krane's encounter with all things that go bump in the night as the dreadful Headless Horseman rides again.

Brazillia R. Kreep (according to Wikipedia) has penned over a half dozen full-scale musicals produced here and in the quaint seaport of Port Townsend, Washington with the highly praised traveling theatre company the Black Pearl Cabaret. Currently the writer and composer, the Chicago Tribune referred to as Edward Gorey-ish, holds the title of playwright-in-residence for both BPC and Ogdensburg's St. John's Conservatory Theater. Having seen his ALICE ISN'T ALL THERE and a KREEPY Christmas Carol, this results in something akin to Tim Burton meets Monty Python with a little Charles Addams thrown in for good measure. It's an attractive and appealing mix to say the least. Perfect for this Halloween offering, I'm sure.

Cast with local talent from Ogdensburg, Huevelton, De Kalb, and Canton, KREEPY HALLOW stars Jillian LeBel as Alia Hobbs, Hailey Weber as Ravinia Hobbs and Parthenia Goste, Dee Bellinger as Etta Hobbs, Grace Brunet as Abitha Hobbs, R O'Donnell as narrator Brazillia R. Kreep, Angela Conzone Dwyer as Ichaboda Krane, Cole Siebels as Thaddeus Frye, Myah Myers as Felicity Caldwell, Madalyn Bascom as Alida Van Iderstine, Christopher Rodriguez as Abner Frye, Haley Dawley as Mercy Faith, Grace Wills as Oheo Seneca, Megan Gardner as Chasity Smyth, Emma Murray as Charity Smyth, Christopher Dwyer as Bartholomeus Van tassel, Shelly Murdock as Electra Van Brunt, and Ryan Woodard as the Town Crier.

With musical direction and choreography by Angela Conzone Dwyer, musical arrangements and orchestrations by Ryan C. McNally, set and prop designs by Stephen Chambers, costumes and makeup by Ann Losurdo and Karen Fischbeck Carmany, stage managed by Sadie Smith, technical direction and production coordination by Christopher Dwyer, and directed by R. O'Donnell, KREEPY HALLOW promises to be fun for the entire family.

Other vital JCT personnel include rector Fr. Michael O'Donnell, assistant stage manager Baily Durham, assistant technical director Ryan Woodard, house manager Sheila LaMere, and general manager Bill LaMere .

Show times are Friday and Saturday evenings October 16, 17, 23 and 24 at 7 p.m. and October 18 and 25 at 2 p.m. The show runs about 90 minutes. Tickets cost $15 at the door (suggested donation), or $10 at JCT is located on the second floor of St. John's Parish House, behind St. John's Episcopal Church on the corner of Franklin and Knox streets in Ogdensburg. Handicap parking is available off Franklin Street.

For more information, and up-to-the-minute updates regarding this and everything theater related, please visit St. John's Conservatory Theater's Facebook page at


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