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By Dr. Anthony Betrus
FCE Staff 

Kahoot! - An Elegant Do-It-Yourself Trivia & Quiz Creation Tool


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This month I'd like to introduce you to free tool that you can use to make your own quiz shows and trivia games. Kahoot! was originally developed as an Educational Technology tool for schools at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, and it is great for entertainment as well. It is a free platform that offers a simple frame for you to add your own questions, including support for graphics and videos. Once you have created your quiz questions, they are stored in your account for you to use or modify later, and you can create multiple quiz shows for various groups or venues.

In terms of how it plays, one person runs the show from a computer, ideally attached to a projector or large screen TV. A code for the game shows up on the screen, and participants enter the code into a standard web browser on their computer, laptop, phone, or tablet to enter the game. Each question comes up one by one on the screen, and the devices are used to enter the answers, with a preset time limit counting down. If you respond correctly, you get points, with more points allocated for quicker answers. While the concept is quite simple, the elegant execution is perhaps the most valuable aspect of the game. After you play for the first time, you really can't help but appreciate just how simple and easy it is to set up and play.

I have created multiple Kahoot! quizzes with my classes, and my students always look forward to and appreciate playing the games. Without prompting, each of my practicing teachers adopted it for their own classrooms, and reported back to me that their students very much look forward to it as well. In terms of performance analysis, once the quiz is finished the top five scorers are displayed, with full results available via spreadsheet download or one-click saving to Google Drive.

For anyone who has participated in a trivia night at a restaurant or bar, you should understand the basic appeal of this simple and approachable format. And as you gather with your families for the holidays, consider making a basic trivia game with pictures and videos. It really is super-simple to create your own, and it can be a fun way to catch up your family, as well as to share memories and stories between generations.

So get creative, and get yourself a Kahoot!

Dr. Anthony Betrus

SUNY Potsdam

The Game Connoisseur


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