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By Atom Ghost
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Atom Ghost bring a unique flavor to the North Country music scene


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Atom Ghost

Radiating good vibes and a positive atmosphere everywhere they go, Atom Ghost bring a unique flavor to the North Country music scene. Atom Ghost plays an eclectic blend of songs in a jam band style, drawing influence from a wide variety of bands. The saying "your vibe attracts your tribe" is certainly true in their case, as each show has seen more and more love and output from their loyal fans known as The Atomic Family.

Featuring vocals and the mind melting guitar solos of Kevin O'Brien, entrancing rhythm guitar and vocals from Jessica Despaw, the unparalleled blend of guitar and digital soundscapes by Greg Currier, Ray Lancto with one of a kind bass lines and vocals, and Ryan Murphy laying down the beat on drums, an Atom Ghost show is unlike anything the North Country has seen. Atom Ghost started in late 2014, building their sound through covers of jam band such as Phish, moe., and the Grateful Dead as well as classic anthems by the likes of Neil Young and Bob Dylan; in addition they've been known to take modern pop hits and give them the Atom Ghost twist. Now, The Band is taking that sound and making a name for themselves by working on their first album.

Atom Ghost Nuclear

Original songs by Atom Ghost combine adventurous riffage with a rocksteady rhythm and poignant, emotional lyrics. Songs include "She Asked The Sky", "Sunrise", "Lady, You're a Sunshower" "Crucial", "Copious", "First Snowfall", "Angel in a Cage", and many more. Keep an eye on the Atom Ghost Facebook page and @AtomGhostBand on Twitter for more details and show dates. As the name indicates, Atom Ghost brings the love from all across time and space, with endless possibility.


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