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By Alexander Scriminger
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The Rebel Light Shines with A Fresh Style


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The Rebel Light

The Rebel Light's CD, "A Hundred Summer Days" brings a fresh new feeling to today's music. From Los Angeles, California, The Rebel Light gives us the Beach Boys sound in 2016. Combining elements of pop with the classic California sound, their music feels like a fresh wave of air coming across the sea. Pulling in some 60's sunshine and a bit of Indie Pop to create a surfing fresh sound of the 60's in the pop style of 2016.

Their single, "Strangers" brings plenty of catchy guitar riffs, and accenting drums, along with some melodic chords to the stage. The melody being played by the vocals give the song an upbeat pop feel and add to the layers of the song. "Strangers" has a chorus that shows us the true sounds of California, and along with the verses it comes together and shines light over the song.

"Where Did All The Love Go" starts out with a James Bond sound then quickly changing to verse with leading vocals and the original sound in an echo that perfectly complements the melody. The strong words and notes brought in this song evoke a need to just sway your head and feel the music. Later moving into a bridge with a quick rocking guitar solo that leads to a simplified chorus, that quickly picks up. Finishing up with vocals and a simple beat, this song truly is a song for a stage and a concert.

The CD ends with a simple song, "Afterlife" starts off with contrasting guitars and it begins to build up. Right when you think it's going to pick up it drops you back down and leads you up again. The drums stay nice and simple, with a roots sound. Backup vocals kick in and bring up the power. Then begins the new sound, with a far off feel and echoes in the vocals, it's a lot to take in. Chords accompany everything in the music and the drumming begins to show a bit more dominantly. Everything in the CD comes together and the guitars show off their sound along with beautiful notes on the lyrics. And finally ends on a simplistic note; a song that will bring anyone out of their seat and swaying in the breeze from the song.

The Rebel Light has truly brought us all a sound that has to be heard to see what they put into their music. It's all light and sunshine, sounds of the ocean under the Golden Gate Bridge, California's surfer feels, and the 60's in 2016. And with so much feeling in the music you can't help but feel it yourself, the layers upon layers of music all stacked together to make The Band shine like a light – it shows everywhere, their name, their CD, and truly their music. Nothing could be better than The Rebel Light's soul in the music and head in the clouds.


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