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Can the weather tell us anything about Ghostly activity and how ghosts function? Can consciousness truly exist after the human body becomes deceased? Let's take some time to examine these possibilities.

Let us start off by asking some questions about the human body itself and the nature of consciousness. It is a wide belief that our memories, dreams and images come from the brain. Isn't that just so fascinating?! The brain is a large muscle that sends and receives signals throughout body so that the body performs a particular function. I have to ask the question though, how on earth does the brain create images for us to "see"? Think about it for a minute? When you "imagine" yourself in your own fantasy world, the world in front of you, whether your eyes are open or not, "disappears" and you find yourself in a place that you are not really at! That place could also be a memory as well! Humanities explanation is that it is caused by this large muscle in your head. Does something seem wrong with this picture?

When you do research about the brain, there is something very interesting that people have found. The brain has an energy source. The brain has an electromagnetic field surrounding it. When the brain dies, that electromagnetic field (EMF) no longer exists. So where did it go? Consider the following, EMF is a form of energy. Energy supposedly cannot be destroyed. If this is the case, than the EMF that once existed in the human body could not have been destroyed, but instead must exist somehow, somewhere.

During paranormal investigations that are focused on haunted houses, paranormal teams focus on measuring EMF in the house. They look for areas that have unusual spikes in EMF and also attempt to see if that field of energy moves to different locations whether it be on command or not. As you know, the brain can become tired. It uses a lot of energy at times. Guess what one of these energy sources are. You guessed it...EMF! There have been audio recordings on multiple occasions where a disembodied voice states that it needs "energy". Many investigators experience their energy levels decrease while paranormal activity increases.

People have to also reenergize as well. Sometimes we drink fluids, rest our bodies and many other methods to restore our own energy. Ghosts have been found to do something very similar. Investigators on multiple occasions get frustrated when a ghost does not respond to a command after the ghost had just moved an object. When we are tired after lifting weights, do you think it is easier for us to lift more weights after already lifting weights? Of course not! Do you think after a ghost has used energy to shut a door, that this particular ghost will be able to do it again as easily as the first time? Well if our bodies' response to that challenge is any indication, than the answer is definitely no!

Before we begin to talk about the effect weather has on ghosts, let us first talk about what our bodies are made up of. Believe it or not, our bodies have their own vibrational frequency! Everything has a frequency! Science has already proven this to be a fact. Our body also contains a lot of water or basically a cooling substance and of course let's not forget EMF which generates heat!

What about a ghost though? UINI RESEARCH believes based off of our data that ghosts have their own vibrational frequency, have some form of a cooling substance and contains EMF. What data are we talking about? Statistics and measurements! Our statistics have shown that when in the presence of an entity, EMF increases and the temperature decreases. Have you even been touched by a ghost? If you have, then I am sure you felt a cooling sensation while at the same time your hair stands up as if there was some type of static electricity. Sound familiar? It should! Ever wonder how UINI RESEARCH decided on the name of our theory called the "Thunderstorm Effect"? That's right! It is our way of saying that ghosts are similar to a thunderstorm!

Let us first compare before we continue to show how this all falls into place. A thunderstorm has lightning or EMF, contains a cooling substance a.k.a. rain, has clouds which can generate a shadow, is capable of making sounds, gives off two types of "waves" (EMF and Sound frequencies) and needs to build up prior to becoming the big powerful thunderstorm that is capable of interacting with our physical environment.

A Ghost appears foggy, can create a shadow when manifested, can appear in many forms ("Shadow Figure" or a "Light Being"), decreases the temperature in the area they are located in, gives off EMF, can generate sound via two types of frequency (Sound and EMF) and needs to gain energy in order to interact with the physical environment.

Don't you find all of that to be beyond coincidental? Let me you all ask another question. Can you hold a cloud in your hands? No! Can you hold hands with a ghost? No! But you can see them both right? Of course! That is too many similarities for us to ignore!

Let's go deeper. When I speak about weather, I am not just simply talking about the weather on the Earth. I am also referring to space weather conditions as well. It is scientifically proven that both the Moon and the Sun have an effect on our planets climate. For example, when the Moon is full it creates a gravitational pull that effects the tides. People have also noticed that crime seems to increase or people act differently during a full moon. The tide is made up of water. (DUH!) People are made mostly out of water. (DUH DUH!) Do you know what else is effected by the moon according to paranormal statistics? That's right! Ghosts! Ghosts, for whatever reason, become more active! Now if ghosts contain water molecules as per our thunderstorm effect theory, than it would make sense for a ghost to be effected by the Moons gravitational pull.

John Griffin II

I also did mention the Sun. The Sun discharges EMF on many occasions, which heads toward the Earth. When the Solar Flare arrives to Earth that is when you typically see the Aura Borealis. The Solar Flare interacts with the Earth's magnetic field creating this effect that can be observed via the naked eye. Until then, that spectacular show cannot be observed. The Solar Flare can also create lightning storms as well! Does all of this sound familiar? How often do we see ghosts? Not often! Ghosts are seen more during lightning storms as well as when huge Solar Flares from the Sun arrive to Earth.

There is something else worth noting here. Rainbows, just like the Aura Borealis, can only be observed under certain conditions. Each color of light has its' own frequency. Just because the rainbow or Aura Borealis is not visible at the time does not mean those colors do not exist at that moment. The frequency of those colors have simply not made it to frequency where our eyes can register it. It is no different than a ghost. Just because you can't see a ghost, does not mean that it is not there!


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