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Last updated 10/2/2016 at 5:57am

Does Yeshua hint that ghosts exist? Believe it or not, he does and it is right in the Bible! In Matthew 14:26, the disciples were on a boat and saw Yeshua walking on water. They immediately cried out in fear that there was a “ghost” or “spirit” (depending on which version you read). Then the disciples asked Yeshua to prove to them that he was not a ghost. Yeshua did what they asked as proof. Did Yeshua say afterwards that “ghosts do not exist”? Nope! He proved to them that he was not a ghost.

Now Yeshua does not come out and blatantly say “ghosts are real”. Using critical thinking, it is easy to figure out that he has indirectly admitted that ghosts exist. Let’s take this even further. Notice that the disciples immediately jumped to the conclusion that Yeshua was a ghost based off of what they were seeing. Sounds to me that they had either heard ghost stories, experienced paranormal activity in the past prior to this event taking place or a combination of the two.

I picture someone reading this rolling their eyes and saying, “but John this only happened that one time in the Bible so you must be reading into this too much…tee hee”. Wow! I can’t believe that I had never thought of that. Perhaps I should’ve looked to see if this happened any other time in the Bible. Oh…wait a second! I already did that!

Luke 24:36-39, Yeshua ONCE AGAIN is thought to be a ghost. What does he do? He ONCE AGAIN proves to the apostles that he is not a ghost, but never says that ghosts do not exist. In fact, he completely does the opposite! Instead he says that ghost do not have flesh or bones and never says that ghosts are demons either.

So to my knowledgeable and certified professional Christian teachers who told me that ghosts “do not exist” or that they “are demons”, when were you going to teach me about this portion of the Bible where Yeshua talks about ghosts? Hmmmmm…makes me wonder what else these “certified” religious leaders and teachers got wrong. Doesn’t this make you wonder that too?


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