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By Vic Clevenger
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Hurricane Mathew and other funny stories


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Every morning I get up it’s the same thing, a cup of coffee, my journal and my joke book. Each of these play an important role in getting my day going. The cup coffee, of which there are serval throughout the day, is pretty self-explanatory, especially to other coffee drinkers. My journal, a minimum of three pages each morning, is me connecting my brain to my pen to get some creative juices flowing. Many a story, TV show idea and joke has resulted from this process. Then there’s the joke book. This is where I have written several hundred jokes and joke premises. Some are really good while others are, “What was I thinking?” Which brings me to today which begins the same as every other day.

As I sit here writing, people are still recovering from Hurricane Matthew even while many of us here in Florida keep an eye on his little sister Nicole. Roads have collapsed onto the beaches; many are still without power or have just gotten it back days after his visit and this is just Florida. Those folks in the Carolinas still need our prayers, thoughts and support even when the flood waters recede. For those who’ve never dealt with a hurricane, it takes a while to get life back in order. However, even in the midst of all this, there have been some funny stories (at least I think they’re funny) to come out, so if I may, I will open my joke book (because I wrote them down) and relate a couple of them to you.

When there’s a hurricane all eyes are on the news and weather people. This was no different. As Matthew approached the coast of the Sunshine state reporters were dotted up and down the beaches telling us viewers what it was like where they were and what we could expect where we are. One such reporter was doing just that, telling us the severity of the wind heading our way. In trying to describe this storm he said these words, “Tom, as you can see by the palm trees, the wind is really starting to pick up here. So much so, that I’ve almost had to grab my ball cap a couple times.” This reminded me of the time the reporter back on 2004 was reporting on a hurricane here in Florida and the wind was so severe he could barely stand straight, that is until the lady behind him strolled on by without a care in the world.

Another story I found funny in all of this was the reporter in Daytona Beach standing beside a downed street sign reporting all the damage currently being done by this hurricane. In his shot he was recounting of all the signs he has seen. His words were, “As you can see Bob, we have a street sign down and there is another one down and another.” Then to his cameraman the reporter, with excitement in his voice, anxiously says, “Quick, pan over there. WOW! Another sign is down. So as you can see the damage here is widespread!”

The point is, even in the midst of the suffering and tragedy there is still some funny stuff to bring out a smile or two. King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastics 3, “There is a time to cry and a time to laugh.” So as we seek to help those who are suffering to rebuild through their tears, we can also help them to laugh again.


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