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All For Loving You (2016) The Alexis P. Suter Band CD Review

from American Showplace Music


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All For Loving You The Alexis P. Suter Band

This 11-song CD contains good solid blues-rock featuring powerful vocals and transcendent lead guitar. The powerful vocals are provided by the eponymous Alexis P. Suter, a gal who sings in a big bass baritone, raw and expressive. The transcendent guitar is provided by Jimmy Bennett, a string-bender who's always where he needs to be and who occasionally busts out with some unstoppable mammoth chord bombs. Behind these two you'll find Ray Grappone on drums and Peter Bennett on bass, keeping the pace steady and reliable. Behind this quad struts good-looking soulful Vicki Bell on backup vocals and onstage grooves. Together this quintet delivers Blues ranging from lachrymose to roadhouse raunchy.

The title track, "All for Loving You," is a catchy Blues ramble filled out by John Ginty's organ and Bennett's slide guitar. "Living in the World," is more of an up-tempo number featuring brisk guitar and organ. Tribal drums and Suter's big voice introduce "Don't Ya Tell," which really takes off when Bennett's guitar joins the fun. "Circumstance" starts out slow, but develops a real soul-shaking hook; this one has the durability of a radio hit, as repeated listening brings elevated pleasure. The CD closes with a faithful rendition of the Lennon-McCartney classic, "Let it Be."

My favorite song is the dramatic "So Long," in which Bennett's guitar cranks into the realm of delirious psychedelic stone riffs, and The Band puts aside its strict Blues mode, leaning heavily into monumental hard rock. Suter shouts her words of desperation, and Bell backs her up, The Band hammering away, until the explosive climax.

Suter grew up in Brooklyn and began her career touring the northeast states. For the past few years The Band has performed in many Blues festivals and Suter herself has twice been nominated for the Koko Taylor Award at the 33rd Blues Music Awards. Catch them if you can at a venue near you.


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