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By Rayne Storm
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North Country, Internationally published new-age children's author, announces the release of her sixth publication

Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds


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Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds

Locally known and internationally published new-age children's author, Rayne Storm announces the release of her sixth publication in six years, Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds: ...Ragnarök. This is workbook 2 in the ESYR Study Guide series, a learning tool for children that provides them with an introduction to the stories and practices of the Northern Tradition. In this workbook you will LEARN the truth about the Ragnarök prophecy, you will DISCOVER how the end brings about a new beginning and you will EXPLORE the chain of events that lead up to the war that ends all wars.

About the Workbook:

Each chapter of this workbook uncovers the various aspects of Ragnarök that have been passed down in the Northern Tradition for centuries, complete with vocabulary and comprehension questions to reinforce the reading selection and learning skills. The second half of the workbook is the Active Learning section with a variety of activity pages that will continue to reinforce the information in a fun and interactive way. The workbook concludes with a Further Development section that provides a Certificate of Achievement upon completion.

Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds: ...Ragnarök will be available for purchase mid-November 2016, choose from digital download or hardcopy with comb binding. Due to the subject matter this workbook, it is recommended for ages 11 and older. You can purchase your copy of this workbook directly from the author at: Workbook specifications: Size: 8 ½" x 11" | 108 pages | BW | LUV 2 LRN Publishing

More titles from the Author:

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From LUV2LRN Publishing... Learning to Read n' Write in Runic Script. In this New Age Edition of Runic Script, each Runic symbol has been assigned an individual letter of the English alphabet. It is the first known book of its kind to offer a standard transliteration for Runic symbols! Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds: In the Beginning... Learn how Yggdrasil came into creation. Discover the evolution of the Nine Worlds. Explore how the different races of beings came to occupy the Nine Worlds. This is workbook 1 in the ESYR Study Guide series.

About the Author:

Rayne Storm

Rayne Storm is a new-age children's author, illustrator, and Earth-based Spiritualist with Yggdrasil Roots (ESYR). Her work is focused on integrating spiritual beliefs with home n' hearth. Her life objective is to help build spiritual faith and understanding for her children, complete with compassion and principles. She strives to open the minds of others and guide them into leading virtuous lives.

In addition to her many publications, Rayne creates worksheets, coloring pages, games and activities for children. Most worksheets and coloring pages are available for free to download. Some downloadable worksheets and coloring pages are available in Swedish/Svenska and Dutch/Nederlands translations. For more information visit:


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