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By Vic Clevenger
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Out with the old…


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We just celebrated Christmas, the season of gift giving. But you can’t just give any gift, you have to choose the right one. Those gifts that bring smiles, laughter and sometimes, tears. Tears of happiness of course. Guys have a method in this gift giving process. We buy gifts for our wife or girlfriend like we are posting bail. The more severe the crime the more expensive The Gift. For instance, if you leave the toilet seat up and she discovers this in the middle of the night that warrants a bouquet of flowers. Depending on how far she falls in determines if that bouquet is a seasonal bundle or a dozen roses. The crime to gift ratio goes up from there till you get to diamonds.

That is a new joke I’ve been working on over the holidays and adapting for the new year because, well, it’s out with the old and in with the new. When I am given the blessing to begin a brand new year, I want to take advantage of it by heading into prepared when giving the old the boot. As I welcome the new, I begin thinking about what I want to accomplish a month or two in advance of January 1. Why wait until the new year begins to start preparing for it? If you wait you’re already behind by a day or two.

I am not sure what you call it whether it’s your New Year Resolutions, goals, or a bucket list but whatever you call it, write it down then post it someplace you will see it all the time. I have two sets of goals. One list is for me personally and the other is for me professionally. The personal one has the typical items on it but it’s not a long list (insert Mac Davis song Hard to be Humble or Mary Poppins Practically Perfect in Every Way). Seriously though, it’s not a long list of goals because too many items could be overwhelming leading to discouragement if not accomplished. My professional list is comprised of both short term and long term goals.

However, it’s not enough to just make a list of goals. That’s the easy part, anyone can do that. The secret to success in goal making is laying out the plan to achieve each of those goals. If on your list you have “I’m going to lose 40 pounds,” how are you going to do this? Diet? Exercise? Both? Same is true when making your professional list. You want to do something large like write a book or get on television? Then what steps are you going to take to accomplish these? Maybe your professional goal isn’t that large but still requires planning to accomplish. The point is, it’s not enough to just set goals but the work comes in the planning then the execution of that plan which leads to success.

Then on December 31, 2017 you can look back to see just how you did it as you start again with out with the old and in with the new.

Happy New Year!

I know many of you are saying, “Why wait till the new year to begin new things?”


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