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Interview with Tunes ADAM CORNELL 'The Curse of Oak Island' with HISTORY's hosts, Rick & Marty Lagina!


Last updated 4/3/2017 at 1:14pm

TUNES 92.5 & 104.5's Interview The Curse of Oak Island

Promoting The Curse of Oak Island - Tuesday's at 9PM on The History Channel. OAK ISLAND: Rick and Marty Lagina work to fulfill a life-long dream as they embark on the most exciting chapter ever of the now 220-year-old Oak Island mystery.

After making major discoveries in borehole 10-X and the infamous Money Pit last year, the brothers and their partners will use today's most advanced technology, as well as heavy digging and drilling equipment to go deep inside the island. They welcome new researchers and special guests, forge new alliances and explore new, intriguing theories. Nothing will stop them from finding out what could be buried on Oak Island, who concealed it there and where "X" marks the spot.

This year also holds several extraordinary milestones for the Oak Island team. It's been 50 years since an article about the Money Pit appeared in Reader's Digest, which not only sparked the imaginations of the young Lagina brothers, but also compelled Dan Blankenship to devote his life to solving this great mystery. It is also the 50th anniversary of the Restall tragedy, which claimed four of the six lives lost in search of the Oak Island treasure.

Will Rick, Marty and their partners unearth a vast, hidden treasure? Or like the many who have come before them, will they only find more obstacles–or worse-proof that a deadly curse really does protect Oak Island's secrets?

Although he is intrigued by the compelling clues that he, Rick and their partners have found since they first began "The Fellowship of the Dig" over a decade ago, Marty remains on the hunt for irrefutable proof that major works were done on the island prior to the discovery of the Money Pit in 1795.


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