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By Vic Clevenger
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Old v. New, Really?


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The other day I was out enjoying a nice lunch with a couple friends when the strangest of things happened. We are at a nice little café enjoying our lunch at a table outside on the sidewalk (I live in Florida, we can do that in February). To say there was laughter would be an understatement, especially to those staring at us wishing they were at our table. As more laughter ensued complete with snorts and tears (perhaps even fears of peeing a little), Emily looked at her wrist and informed our troupe, “My watch just reminded me I need to breathe.” The look on my face must’ve revealed my bewilderment because she felt the need to explain to me her Smart Watch. Later on during our lunch time table comedy show my other friend, Suyi, stood up as if to leave, but she wasn’t going anywhere, her watch told her to stand because she had been sitting too long. What kind of Dick Tracy world have I entered? When did time pass me by?

My kids like to remind me of how old I am and they’re not alone. My wife enjoys telling her school students I was born before man landed on the moon which seems to astonish those young whippersnappers. However, just because I’m perceived to be “old school” doesn’t mean I’m adverse to the newfangled stuff, especially technology. Although I think there are certain places technology doesn’t belong, (come to any of my shows to hear where), by and large it makes our lives better.

When I lived in Tennessee, Marcia & I ate lunch with one of the older ladies of our church. Ruby’s home was a real life Antique Road Show right down to the wood burning kitchen stove which prepared our meal that day. She had all the comforts of the modern world but embraced the days of old, so much so in fact, when she spoke of them it was like she had lost a family member. We asked her one day, “Of all modern conveniences which is the one you would never give up?” Ruby’s answer was simple yet profound and I have never forgotten it. Without thinking, she told us she would never want to live without her refrigerator. Her answer shows the old doesn’t have to be at odds with the new because that “new” refrigerator was right next to the “old” stove.

Technology has invaded our lives so much, our kids look at us like we have three heads when trying to describe the green rotary phone that hung on the kitchen wall or the time when the “Internet” was called the Encyclopedia Britannica and sat on a shelf where it refreshed once a year. So the next time you look at your phone to check the temperatures of the food on your stove or to order pizza, remind yourself, it isn’t old versus new, it’s old and new, together.

Now please excuse me as I go buy a yellow overcoat and fedora to go with my new watch.


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