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By Dr Anthony Betrus
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SUNY Potsdam Instructor Launches "Sum of Which" Math Game


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SUNY Potsdam Instructor Launches "Sum of Which" Math Game

September 2017 marks a significant milestone for local SUNY Potsdam Instructor Becky Duprey. Mrs. Duprey has been developing "Sum of Which" for the past year. This month will mark the completion of her Kickstarter campaign, intended to bring the game to a wider market. If funded, it will also provide support for expansion packs, as well as an iOS and Android mobile app. As stated in the Kickstarter website (

"SUM OF WHICH is a "growing game". The original version requires players to add to ten. However, the game board from SUM OF WHICH Senior can also be used with the expansion tile sets, thus changing the game a bit; Using the same board and a different tile set, players will work to add to 20, add fractions to one, add integers, etc. I have continually rolled the profits from the Junior and Senior versions of the game into printing of the expansion tile sets for SUM OF WHICH is TWENTY, SUM OF WHICH is ONE (fractions) and SUM OF WHICH INTEGERS."

Becky originally started out as a classroom teacher, and is now a veteran instructor at SUNY Potsdam, specializing in training future teachers in math methods. She is also active in working with our as local BOCES programs to train in-service teachers in innovative teaching and learning strategies focussed around mathematics and technology. The development of the game comes from a career of paying attention to what both what kids need, as well as what makes learning fun. In testing the game, she quickly realized that while the game was very engaging for kids, it also had a family appeal. Both the game and Mrs. Duprey are on the edge of something big, and I very much encourage you to support her game. I personally have made my pledge, and very much look forward to a personal copy!

Dr. Anthony Betrus

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