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St. John's Conservatory Theater, now in its fourth season, present their all-original musical comedy KREEPY HOLLOW. Based on Washington Irving's classic short story THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, their spectacular fall production will open Thursday October 26 and run through the weekend October 29, with matinees planned for Saturday and Sunday at the OFA Auditorium in Ogdensburg, NY.

North Country Talent Take Spotlight

Cast with local talent from Ogdensburg, Huevelton, Morristown, watertown and Lisbon, KREEPY HOLLOW stars Macy Murdock as Alia Hobb, Ava Rutherford as Ravinia Hobb, Caroline Silver as Etta Hobb, Grace Brunet as Tabitha Hobb, Richard O'Donnell as the narrator Diedrich Knickerbocker, Angela Conzone Dwyer as Ichaboda Krane, Christopher Dwyer as Bartholomeus Van tassel, Shelly Murdock as Electra Van Brunt, Tessa Harper as Eurella The Gray Witch.

Also cast are Eric Robinson as Thaddeus Frye, Christopher Rodriguez as Abner Frye, Maddison Cameron as Amias Moore, Gabriella Ott as Charity Smyth, Logan Carr as Chastity Smyth, Mia LaBelle as Comfort Cooke, Madison Miller as Constance Cooke, Delia Payne as Felicity Caldwell, Calea LeBel as Mercy Caldwell, Angela Schembry as Oheo Seneca, Hailey Weber as Parthenia Jones, Gerard Powers as Emory Jones, Samantha Holt as Prudence Miller, Stephen Chambers as Isham Miller, and Ryan Woodard as Nochal Head, the town crier.

Karen Fiscbeck and Maddison Cameron are from Heuvelton, Richard O'Donnell, Angela and Christopher Dwyer, Shelly and Macy Murdock, Tessa Harper, Stephen Cambers, Christopher Rodriguez, Gabriella Ott, Tonya Ott, Madison Miller, Delia Payne, Hailey Weber, Gerard Powers, Samantha Holt, Ryan Woodard, Ryan McNally, Mia Labelle, Richard Patton are from Ogdensburg, Heron Hetzler is from Potsdam, Barry Pratt is from watertown, Grace Brunet is from Morristown, Ava Rutherford is from Madrid, Caroline Silver is from Canton, Eric Robinson and Angelina Schembry are from Lisbon, and Calea LaBel is from Logan.

An Award-winning Writer

KREEPY HOLLOW is a ghostly musical comedy featuring an original book, music and lyrics by award-winning playwright and composer Richard O'Donnell, under his nom de plume B. R. Kreep. O'Donnell has penned over a dozen full-scale musicals produced here, Chicago, and in New York City where he received 3 ASCAP Awards for his Off-Broadway musical comedy ONE & ONE. Richard has collaborated with such talent as Dianne Adams (vocal arrangements for Broadway's Tony Award-winning Best Musical GENTELMAN'S GUIDE TO LOVE & MURDER), Richard LaGravenese (Academy Award nominated writer of THE FISHER KING), and Tom Purcell (Emmy Award-winning writer for the COLBERT REPORT).

Same Story, Different Take

Set in the 1860's along the St. Lawrence River, when the first appointed female teacher, Miss Ichaboda Krane, takes over the ghostly schoolroom built on-top of a sacred Iroquois burial ground. With a classroom filled with eclectic children, her "eye" on Bartholomeus Van Tassel, a few unexpected guests, and a jealous local woman Electra Van Brunt watching her every move, Miss Ichaboda Krane's Halloween celebration turns into a most haunting affair. Narrated by Diedrich Knickerbocker and macabre Hobb Sisters, KREEPY HOLLOW tells the tale of Ichaboda Krane's encounter with all things that go bump in the night as the dreadful Headless Horseman rides again.

A Creative Creative Staff

KREEPY HOLLOW principal creative staff includes Producing Artistic Director Mr. O'Donnell, Musical Director and Choreographer Angela Conzone Dwyer, Vocal Arranger and Digital Orchestrator OFA graduate Ryan C. McNally, Scenic and Prop Designer Stephen Chambers, Costume and Makeup Designer Karen Fischbeck, assistant Costumer Heron Hetzler, Technical Director and Production Coordinator Christopher Dwyer, Sound Designer Richard Patton, Lighting Designer Barry Pratt, and Props Master Tonya Ott. Collectively they have over five decades of professional theatrical and academic experience including regional, stock, bus and truck, off-off-Broadway, off-Broadway, and Broadway stages.

The Magnificent Creepy Hobb Sisters

The Hobb Sisters, an eclectic family of girls not unlike the infamous Addams Family, seem to keep the children and Ichaboda Crane on the edge of their seats.

"Ravinia Hobb," explains actress Ava Rutherford, "is quietly in charge of the quartet. She loves hiding in the shadows, always peeking out from behind the drapes, and is an incurable romantic. She also adores her cookbooks, lethal flower collection, and rusty nails, but make no mistake about it, if you cross her, she's vengeance personified."

Actress Grace Brunet describes her character Tabitha Hobb as, "The oldest of the bunch. She takes good care of her younger sisters, of course, and is very nurturing. She speaks with subtle looks and glances, and can detect danger before it appears. I like her a lot."

"Alia Hobb," according to actress Macy Murdock, "Is the sister's trailblazer. She doesn't like the ordinary folks, townsfolk that don't share her morbid sense of curiosity, and is really fearless regarding the bloodcurdling or bizarre. Just like me, I guess."

Caroline Silver, who portraits Etta Hobbs, regarded as the youngest and perhaps the strangest of the litter, explains, "She is very independent and leads her sisters into trouble, which they adore. Etta has inherited her Aunt Desu's handmade rag-doll named Iphigenia (Pronunciation: if-i-JEN-ee-uh), who has had a somewhat unpleasant life. She's a lot of fun to play."

Just the Facts

KREEPY HOLLOW opens at the OFA Auditorium in Ogdensburg, NY. Show times are Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings October 16, 26, 27, 28 at 7 PM and October 28, 29 at 2 PM. Tickets cost $15 at the door (suggested donation), or $10 at

For more information, please visit St. John's Conservatory Theater's Facebook page:


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