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By Vic Clevenger
FCE Staff 

You're my hero, Charlie Brown


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Growing up one of my favorite cartoons were the Peanuts. It didn’t matter whether it was the holiday classics shown on television or the daily strip in the newspaper, I loved them and still do. There was always a mis-adventure involving Charlie Brown and his band of friends. The first “troubled child” we knew about in America and we loved him, perhaps identifying with him on some level. It didn’t matter if he was always the losing pitcher on his baseball team or missing the football every single time, we loved him. Even when he had to see the psychiatrist at a nickel per visit, we never stopped rooting for him. Never stopped being in his corner, cheering for him. Hoping this time it would be different for him, but it never really seemed to work out just right.

Could it be the fault of those around him dragging or holding him down? There’s the little sister who is not only more popular but has a major crush on Charlie’s best friend, Linus. Oh Linus. Dragging his security towel everywhere he went, he stood by Charlie Brown ready with advice. What about Lucy, the nickel psychiatrist, who always seemed to belittle him with insults? Peppermint Patty, who liked “Chuck” but was very domineering over him. Of course we can’t forget about his beagle, Snoopy. A very talented dog who also would outshine his owner. The list could go on, the Pigpen, the accomplished pianist, the nerd and more. Not to mention never being able to really understand what any adult had to say. Could any of this be the root of his issues?

We could go on further and discuss his athletic abilities, or rather the lack of athletic abilities. He could never quote Charlie Sheen’s “Winning” and mean it because poor ole Charlie Brown didn’t know what it was like to be a winner. He fell for the same football trick every time. Even when he knew better and she promised him it would be different, it never was. He’d run toward his goal, lift his leg to kick it and then Lucy would pull it away at the crucial moment leaving poor ole Charlie Brown on his back wondering to himself, “Why did I fall for that again?!”

Through the years there is one thing I’ve noticed about him, he never gave up. He never gave up on his friends. He never gave up on his dream of pitching a winning game. He never gave up on kicking that football. Most importantly though, Charlie Brown never gave up on Charlie Brown. With all the hindrances in his life, who would blame him if he, in turn, blamed all those obstacles for his lack of success? But he didn’t. He always got up and spent time with the same friends, feed the same dog and tried once more to kick that ball. He suited up every Saturday, believing today could be the day he would pitch a winning game. He simply never gave up. His problems are not unlike ours each day and yet he would still get out of bed each day. With all the rejection in his life, Charlie Brown never gave up.

Today, as you struggle with what to do or if it’s worth the effort to chase your dream, remember that little Peanuts character and NEVER EVER GIVE UP, for today could be the day, Charlie Brown.


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