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Twas The Night Before


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Twas The Night Before

As I sit here tomorrow is Thanksgiving with all the fixin’s. The mashed potatoes with gravy of course and corn or green beans or both. The yeast rolls smothered with butter and the main dish, turkey stuffed with, well, stuffing. Then there’s the desserts, football and naps. Oh, the naps. But that’s tomorrow, Tonight is “Twas The Night Before.” Tomorrow the aroma of Thanksgiving will waft through the house but Tonight is “Twas The Night Before” where the only aroma wafting is Pine Sol and Mr. Clean.

Have you ever thought about all the “Twas The Night Befores” in your life? “Twas The Night Before” a birthday or wedding. “Twas The Night Before” a child was born or a family vacation. “Twas The Night Before” Christmas when all through the house are memories of hundreds of other “Twas The Night Befores” of years gone by. There are a couple things which always go with “Twas The Night Before.”

“Twas The Night Before” brings anticipation of what’s to come. Do you remember the night before going to your grandparents for the holidays? For the adults, well, who cares about them, it was what we couldn’t wait to do. Thanksgiving meant a feast of course, but more than that. It was the anticipation of playing with my best friend and cousin Paul David. The most fun were the family football games. The whole family who was there, would go out back and enjoy a fun filled game. But Paul & I would always be on opposite teams just so we could “fight” like the big dogs did on T.V. As soon as the day was over I couldn’t wait until the next holiday when something would always happen. One year the older cousins (Paul’s brothers & sisters) built a giant snow chicken or duck or whatever it was.

Anticipation brings excitement, nervousness and most of the time, it brings fun to “Twas The Night Before.” It will bring sleepless nights and dreams, when you finally do sleep, of gumdrops and rainbows. This anticipation gives us so much to be thankful for and look forward to each day. It gives us hope for many more “Twas The Night Befores.”

“Twas The Night Before” also means preparation. Yep and you know what that means, work and planning. For a big holiday preparation is more than just the one “Twas The Night Before” but several. Is the turkey big enough or have you even gotten the turkey yet? The sides, the guest list and who is bringing dessert? There’s a lot of hard work that goes into preparation long before “Twas The Night Before.” There is a lot of hard work that goes into anything worthwhile whether it’s a career, a passion or Thanksgiving.

Anticipation and Preparation always goes hand in hand with “Twas The Night Before.” So as you contemplate your dreams, your future and your Thanksgiving dinner just never forget all the “Twas The Night Befores” that’s gone into it. So if you’ll excuse you I still have Christmas stuff to get out of the attic on this “Twas The Night Before.”


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