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By Vic Clevenger
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Cheat Days


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I’m not sure there is a person in America who doesn’t know the name Danica Patrick, especially if you’re a race fan. I’m convinced even the most casual of observers of American pop culture knows who she is. All one has to do is just utter her first name, Danica, and everyone in the conversation understands exactly who you’re talking about. Much like Elvis, Reba, Madonna and Oprah toss Danica in among the One Name Wonders of the World. Now your perspective on why you know her may be different but you still know her. She was the GoDaddy girl, the Indy Car driver, the NASCAR driver, and model but as she transitions from 200 m.p.h. in a car to something seemingly less dangerous, she’s still going at a break-neck pace and going farther than before.

Her workouts on Instagram are already legendary, I even found myself wondering if today was the day she mastered the handstand as she documented her journey (she did, in case you didn’t know). Now shifting gears from being the fastest woman in what is traditionally a men’s sport to a health guru of sorts has caused me to pause and take notice. From her rigorous exercise routine to her diet to all of her other endeavors, she is one from whom there are lessons to be learned. But the one thing which stuck out at me is what she said in an interview in a recent documentary for EPIX. When she said, “I don’t believe in cheat days” I said to myself, “What’s this crazy talk?” This flies in the face of every diet and exercise program I know about (which may be why most people are still out of shape). The Cheat Days seem to outweigh the diet or fitness days so we see no progress in our lives. But have you ever thought about how this may translate beyond physical wellness?

In this documentary Danica mentions she has five different businesses from a vineyard to a clothing line to a workout program. In addition to this, she races (last year was her last year as a full-time driver) and wrote a best-selling book, Pretty Intense. But how does she accomplish this? I think it is the philosophy of not believing in Cheat Days. As someone who loves to workout, she does it every day. She stays in contact with the vineyard every day and designed the labels for the wine bottles. I remember watching her cook and test recipes every day for a book that was 12-18 months from hitting the shelves. But how can she accomplish this? No Cheat Days!

Prioritizing her goals and ambitions while blanketed in the notion of no Cheat Days is what has elevated her to another level. Cheat Days give the notion that you’re going to take this day off from eating right, exercising, or even working toward your goals. A cheat day says, “Today, I’m not going to do it.” This may be why I’m still out of shape or some of my ambitions remain only a dream or hobby, the Cheat Days have overtaken the work days. You see, Danica achieved what she did and continues to do so because she works at it and doesn’t take a cheat day.

So beginning today, no more Cheat Days, especially in the areas of my goals. You going to join me?


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