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By Dr Anthony Betrus
FCE Staff 

Shamless Learning Game Company Formed with Help from Clarkson's Shipley Center for Innovation


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In January, 2018, Shamless Learning LLC was formed in Potsdam, NY. This company is headed by Dr. Anthony Betrus, SUNY Potsdam Professor of Instructional Design and Organizational Leadership, and includes former SUNY Potsdam students Matt Leifeld (Math Teacher) and Nate Turcotte (PhD Candidate at Penn State University). Clarkson University's Shipley Center for Innovation was extremely helpful, as they promote small businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation in the Northern New York area. From their website: "The Shipley Center is a Collision of everything," says Executive Director Matthew Draper. "From the time innovators come to us to the time we release their vision, we help manage the entire process, serving as communicators and project managers." For us, they took what was a cloudy a cloudy picture and made it clear, helping with various level of paperwork, contact intellectual property lawyers, and otherwise managing the steps needed to get our small business up and running. At launch, Shamless Learning has one major product, Teaching Bad Apples (think Cards Against Humanity for teachers), with two additional games (Nursing Bad Apples and Coaching Bad Apples) under development. To that end, we would LOVE to hear from you, the readers, real stories about teaching, nursing, and coaching that we could include in the games and expansions. The idea is to prepare future workers with up front knowledge of the crazy and ridiculous things that happen to people in these professions. So please share with us your stories, and we'll do our best to include them in the game. In the meantime, visit the Game Crafter or search the web for "Teaching Bad Apples," to get a copy of the game and first two expansions.


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