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CD Review of band Walking Papers – WP2


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Working Papers

Walking Papers were formed in Seattle in 2012. Their self-title debut was release in 2013. WP2 is there second release. The groove laden project has a unique modern rock sound. The Band, sometimes are reminiscent of what the Doors would possibly sound like, if they were releasing new music today.

Walking Papers consist of Jeff Angell - lead vocals and guitar, Barnett Martin - Drums, Benjamin Anderson on Keyboards and Duff McKagan on Bass. Angell and Anderson are also members of The Missionary Position. Martin is a former Screaming Trees and Mad Season alumni. Duff McKagan, a familiar name in the music scene, is one of the original members of Guns and Roses and Velvet Revolver. McKagan also has been involved in several solo projects.

Jeff Angell has that charismatic, sometimes sinister haunting vocals, as if Jim Morrison ghost hides within his soul. Angell has been quoted saying "You can say a lot in a four-minute song by what you leave to the imagination." This is often-displayed with the pictures he paints with his lyrics. Songs like This Is How It Ends, Into The Truth and King Hooker are like mini movies put to music. His guitar work, especially, his lead licks are interjected in all the right moments, bringing each song to a higher level.

Working Papers 2

Benjamin Andersons keyboards are reminiscent of John Lords work with Deep Purple. Not overpowering but interwoven through the songs, always intensifying the melody. Martin and McKagan's rhythm section cooks, always in the pocket moving everything forward.

It is refreshing, hearing a musical performance that is unique to today's rock n roll landscape. I have seen the Walking Papers perform, photographing them at the Saratoga Performing arts Center a few years ago. Hard to believe, but they are even better live. Check them out on Spotify. You will end up either buying the cd or streaming their latest project.


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