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By Vic Clevenger

Are you ready for some football?


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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the kids are back in school and our TV rooms are beginning to look like miniature stadiums as we prepare for football to begin. Sundays, right after church we’re home firing up the grill with burgers, dogs and wings (unless she makes us have a pot roast again from the slow cooker). Our favorite chip bowl sits beside our favorite lounge chair which we have positioned for optimal viewing and the occasional “Awww man, that was so stupid!” or “Ref, are you blind? That was clearly a touchdown!” As well as other choice phrases we won’t mention here because this is a family magazine after all.

With all that is Sunday football, do you remember where it began for you? Where the love for this wonderful and weekly gridiron battle came from? It had to come from someplace and it truly is a love because some of us have spent as much on our favorite team jersey as we did on our wife’s engagement ring, if not more in some cases (but Honey, we’ll choose you over football every time, just please don’t ask us to). However, have you thought about where this affection came from?

Like many of you I played as a kid and loved every minute of it. Cornerback was my spot and boy did I love hitting those receivers. I was fast chasing them down, if they happened to get behind me that is. It was all a part of the challenge of the game. I mean, if it was easy anyone could do it. However, for me, it was a love, one I still hold onto to today as well as one of my biggest regrets as I didn’t pursue it further in high school. But this never diminished my love for the game and I’m still a Cincinnati Bengals fan all the way (you Cubs fans get me, don’t you?).

For many of us this love for the sport of football even extended to biology class where we’d make the paper footballs. You know the ones, the tri-angular shaped paper we’d flick across the table to see who could get it to dangle of the edge without falling off. Maybe this is why I never became a doctor. Did you color your side of the football with your favorite team logo like I did? I also had several ready made in my binder so we could play at a moment’s notice, like say, in study hall (remember that class?).

This love goes farther and deeper than just playing on an organized team or with paper. It harkens all the way back to the field behind the neighbor kid’s house where we would have weekly games and when school was out, almost daily games. I remember, on more than one occasion telling my mom I was going down to see some friends and her command of, “Do not get your clothes dirty.” I had every intention of obeying to the letter my mother’s instruction but when the boys pulled out the pigskin, I’m sorry to say I was weak in my resolve. My love for this sport got me grounded more times than I can remember all because I could not sit back, I had to play this game.

Now days my level of involvement is cooking wings and armchair quarterbacking. With the march to the Super Bowl underway, it’s time to dust off the chip bowl, make your favorite quac or chip dip and get that new wing sauce you’ve been itching to try. Now you’re ready for some football.


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