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By Vic Clevenger

Christmas Magic


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Growing up I had two favorite times of the year as I’m sure each and every kid did as well. The first being Summer break and boy, the things we did during our summer back in the day would knock most kid’s socks off today. Their gaping open mouths are indicators of their disbelief about our summer adventures which usually involved a gift we’d received during the other yearly favorite, Christmas break. For this is the time when the magic happens and I’m not just talking about the birth of our Savior or the questions of how the jolly man with the belly like a bowl of jelly fits in the Chimney. I’m talking about the magical ideas these Christmas gifts bring to the imaginative minds of kids.

With the exception of the occasional record player or Atari, most the Christmas gifts I received (and still receive) were for outdoor use. But growing up in Kentucky, the winter wasn’t always the best time to be outside unless we were sled riding down the hill in front of my house or on prison hill (you have to be from Summit, KY to understand this one). Most of the gifts I received were items such as a hunting knife, BB gun (I never got a real gun until I was much older), bicycles, and fishing tackle. Almost before the pretty wrapping paper hit the floor, dreams and ideas were magically entering my head about summer break when I could put these gifts to great use.

I remember one Christmas when my parents, I mean, Santa Claus, laid a Fenwick fishing rod under the tree for me. This would go well with the new spinning reel and artificial worms I received from my Aunt and Uncle. So you can just imagine how anxious I was to be rigging it all up as soon as the family Christmas feast was over anticipating some awesome fishing trips this coming summer. But Summer was months away, so down to the basement I went. I set up a series of trash cans and mop buckets masquerading as lilly pads in a pond full of bass. In my mind this magical pond in my basement was preparing me for a very successful summer of bass fishing. I still have that rod and it has bought me many great summer fishing memories.

As we get older our Christmas wish lists have undoubtedly gotten bigger and more expensive but the magic is still there. My lists now consist of smokers, grills and a new truck so you can see what I mean. But if you’re having trouble with what to get your loved ones this year (and by loved ones I really mean, me) then a good starting place is right in your hands, so get to flipping through the pages to get some ideas (once you finished reading the Last Page of course). However, it’s not as much about the gifts these days for me as it is watching the magic spring up in the minds of the kids in my life, my daughters and now my new grandson. This must’ve been what my parents and grandparents saw when my brother and I along with the cousins opened our gifts each year.

In the many Christmas’ since, I’ve carried on the tradition of getting each of my daughters their own fishing rods and teaching them the joys of summer often begins with the magic of Christmas.


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