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By John Berbrich

Heard the Lie by Gina Sicilia (2018) Blue Elan Records


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Gina Sicilia 1

Heard the Lie, the 8th studio album released by Gina Sicilia, features a wild variety of musical styles-Nashville Blues, soul, country, gospel, and rock. Sicilia's got a professional gang of musicians to accompany her powerhouse voice, which has been called a "smoky alto," a dead-on accurate description.

The thing that really draws me to these songs is the feeling behind the lyrics. Sicilia wrote most of them, and all of the best. My three favorites: "Man in the Sky," "Light Me Up," and "I Do Bad Things."

"Man in the Sky" is a kind of slow-stomping, gospel-inflected, marching Blues. A big chorus backs Sicilia as she pleads to the "man in the sky" for some help; she's been pleading her whole life, but "got not one reply," which places the song squarely in the grand tradition of American downtrodden Blues. At the end, she concludes: "Nobody knows nothing for sure in this life / But I believe it's one big lie."

A swirling organ accompanies Sicilia in "Light Me Up," a straight-ahead sexy song in which she's got a man, but another man turns her on just by standing next to her or calling her name. She's not explicit about how far they've gone at this point-although the suggestion is that it's pretty far-but she's sure her current partner's going to catch on soon.

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Gina is pretty convincing in "I Do Bad Things," a sort of Country celebration of promiscuity. With that scrambling Nashville guitar filling in the gaps, she proudly proclaims "I do bad things / And I don't get caught." She recklessly destroys lives and steals other women's men, which she occasionally regrets, but by the end she repents and returns to her bad ways, deciding that "I'm coming after you."

Another song to mention was written by Mick Ralphs of Mott the Hoople-that's "Ready for Love," which was a big hit for Bad Company. Gina sounds like she's quite ready for love, all primed and breathless.

Heard the Lie debuted at #10 on the Billboard Blues Chart. Other worthy songs include the soulful and hopeful "Brighter Day," two sweet love songs "Sugar" and "Darling," and the introspective "Growing Dim." This recording provides musical pleasure for many moods as Gina lets you in on her inner life. I think you'll find it rewarding.

-John Berbrich


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