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By Vic Clevenger

Bringing In the New Year


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It’s that time of year again when you take the tree down, return the presents you’d received or decide which ones you will re-gift throughout the year. The family has all returned to their homes but they did leave you with the left overs, which is a major plus. So while all this rumbles through your mind over that piece of pumpkin pie no one could find because you hid it, thoughts of what the New Year will bring creeps in. In addition to all the college bowl games and chip dip to go with all the snacks, there’s the thoughts of resolutions, goals, dreams and other adventures this 2019 will bring you.

The New Year brings new Resolutions

I already have a gym membership but this will not stop me from resolving to lose more weight which I resolve to do every year and every year I still buy XXL shirts. What I’ve discovered about resolutions is they take determination and time to complete. My gym membership is only a great investment if I’m determined to take the time to use it.

The New Year brings new Dreams

Do you remember the old cartoon about the boy, Ralph Philips, who daydreamed about all the great accomplishments he desired? Ralph was a war hero, a mariner who fought underwater monsters and even an adventurer. What makes this cartoon so fun to watch is we can relate to having dreams even as adults. The difference between having a dream and fulfilling that dream has been the amount of effort it takes.

The New Year brings new Goals

For a while I was tired of hearing every corporate trainer talk about having short term and long term goals. All of this “nonsense” spewed by the latest self-help guru of which I’m one (yes, I do more than tell jokes) just annoyed me. It wasn’t until I realized goals didn’t have to be so large, I could break it down to smaller bite size goals. This realization taught me the value of short term milestones not to mention 1-year, 3-year and 5-year plans. Those self-help people may be on to something.

The New Year brings new Obstacles

There’s nothing like an obstacle to crush your dreams of success or discourage you from completing your goals. In a word, obstacles can be disheartening. But it’s here when your see what your made of and how committed you are to your goal. Every setback is the opportunity to learn a new pitch, new method or just a new way. This is where pride gets bruised but this is also when you realize your ambitions are bigger.

The New Year brings new Victories

This time of year you can count on two things, it’s going to be cold and it’s going to snow. With dreams of snow days coming true, we would spring from bed trading the walk to school for the fun walk to the top of the hill with sled in hand. It wasn’t long until the fun sleigh rides would turn into a friendly competition of seeing who was the fastest or could go the farthest. With each victory we would cheer as if we had won an Olympic gold medal. With each new goal you accomplish, both large and small, relish in your victory, you deserve it.

The New Year brings new Adventures

Do you remember the song, My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys? Mine truly were which led me to explore the forest behind my house as if I were on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This sense of adventure has served me well through the years as I explored new roads, not afraid to go down the road less traveled. It’s the excitement of the unknown which keeps me going. Needless to say, I’m always looking forward to what adventures may lie ahead.

The New Year brings new Friends

One of the most popular TV shows, FRIENDS, of all time revolves around the lives of 6 friends. When old friends get together its often more than just friends getting together this is why you hear “family reunion” tossed about. But all these “old” friends were once “new.” As the New Year begins to move along, don’t be surprised if you meet a new friend who will soon become an old friend you look forward to seeing.

When you set out to look at 2019 where you seemingly get to begin again, join me in my excited giddiness as we anticipate what all the New Year will bring.

Happy New Year y’all.


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