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Album Review - Kobra and the Lotus - Prevail II

by Bill Baker


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Kobra and the Lotus is a Canadian hard rock band fronted by Kobra Paige. Formed in 2009, The Band has released five albums to date. The latest, Prevail II, released on Napalm Records, is the second half of a double album. The first part being Prevail I, released in 2017. The Band consists of Jasio Kulakowski; lead and rhythm guitars, Ronny Gutierrez; guitar, Brad Kennedy; bass, Lord Marcus Lee on drums, and the previously mentioned Kobra Paige. Paige has been recognized as a strong female vocalist, providing this band with credibility in the rock community, as well as the center of Canadian metal. Kobra and the Lotus is ready to conquer the world.

Prevail II showcases the strongest Kobra Paige vocal performance yet, eclipsing all previous efforts. The entire band is hitting on all cylinders, creating a balance between heavy riffing and main stream rock. The writing team of Paige and Kulakowski demonstrates the bands willingness to create new musical paths.

Prevail II opens with a rocking tune entitled Losing My Humanity, highlighted by smart, thought provoking lyrics, and in your face guitars. A heavy metal love song, Let Me Love You follows, with a rhythm-based opening, highlighting Lee's strong drumming throughout. From there you ride an acoustic interlude, which ends with a triumphant yelp. My Immortal could fit into a modern rock format, with a Queensryche feel. Human Empire jumps back into the fast and furious, with Paige vocal range on full display, overlaying classic shredding guitar licks.

Velvet Roses rocks, the guitars of Kulakowski and Guterrez complement each other with twin leads, while Lee and Kennedy keep the rhythm section going with locomotive vengeance. The anthem Modern Day Hero, providing a sing along chorus, could be a huge radio hit. Your Insane follows in the path of Iron Maiden, while listening to this song, you could imagine the possibility of Bruce Dickinson stepping from the shadows and performing a duet with Kobra Paige. White Water slows down the tempo but soars with a stunning guitar solo. Paige's angelic vocal style, featuring her great range, has just enough grit to always make it interesting. The only cover on Prevail II features Fleetwood Mac's The Chain. Kobra and the Lotus make it their own. Let Me Love You, reprised as an acoustic interpretation, closes the album, and provides a completely different avenue into the talent of this band.

Kobra and the Lotus are heavy at times, but accessible for a mainstream appeal. They have a great mix of styles and songs built around the strength of Paige's voice and Jasio Kulakowski's masterful guitar work. They have toured with Slash, Def Leppard,Kiss and Buckcherry just to name a few. Thanks to AMP Entertainment, I had the opportunity to photograph Kobra and the Lotus in watertown, NY. I was truly impressed. The live performance of this band is something that must be seen.

Check out the latest from Kobra and the Lotus - Prevail II. As with all my reviews - if you like what I like, you will either end up buying the new cd or streaming the latest from Kobra and the Lotus.

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